Video X Review and Xtreme Bonus

Let’s take a look at the VIDEO X, the extreme video ads system by Neil Napier and Justin Sardi.

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Working With Video Ads

video xtremeIt’s a well know fact that video converts better then text for most marketing niches.However, did you know that when it comes to advertising videos simply blows everything out of the water. A 30 second ad can generate up to 300% more leads then 30 word text ad.

Just look at TV and that constant stream of commercials. For example a 30 second  Superbowl ad costs $4 millions to air. But guess what? They are still worth it.  And so is VideoX if you know what you’re doing. So check out the review below and make sure to look at my bonus as well.

Review of Video X

With everyone fighting over Facebook ads, this is the perfect start with the untapped marketing of video advertising. A case study yield 311% better results with YouTube ads then Facebook ads.

video xtremeSo let’s take a look inside the course.

  • Module #1 – Big Picture – Why Video Ads?
  • Module #2 – Video X Foundation
  • Module #3 – Different Ad Types (and when to use them!)
  • Module #4 – Adwords for Video
  • Module #5 – Power Targeting Options
  • Module #6 – Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  • Module #7 – Retargeting With Video Ads
  • Module #8 – Ads Campaign Setup
  • Module #9 – Analytics and Reporting
  • Module #10 – Scaling For Success
  • Module #11 – Crafting Video Ads
  • Bonus Module #12 Local Ads X
  • Bonus Module #13 Physical Ads X
  • Bonus Module #14 Affiliate Ads X
  • Bonus Module #15 Digital Ads X

As you Video X is a 15 module jam packed course that can get you from being completely clueless about video advertising to a YouTube rock-star.  We’re talking video xtreme here.’

That is wht Neil Napier and Justin Sardi get my vote for the best YouTube advertising system out there. I’m talking about taking a$100 and turning it into $900 power. This is what video x can do for you. Click below to start now.

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