The Kibo Code Review – Fastest and Smartest Way To Do eCom

The Kibo Code by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is making eCommerce profitable for beginners again. For realzs


Why eCommerce Needs To Change?


Let’s face it, unless you’re doing Amazon FBA, have a popular shop on Shopify, or managed to get WooCommerce working and profiting your eCommerce landscape is pretty limited. Sure, you can jump into Amazon FBA and throw down $10,000 in inventory to even try to compete with other sellers, but do you have to?

What if I told you there is a new way to do eCommerce, a one that Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have been secretly making millions for the last 2 years. You ready?

What is The Kibo Code?

the kibo code AIDAN BOOTH steven claytonThe KIBO Code is a freaking awesome new way to do eCommerce with a “scale” system that’s been used in a Tokyo, Japan store to make billions in sales. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton does the whole 8 week training about it, as well as software, resources and case-studies. It’s the bomb, bees-knees kinda system. You feeling me?

I mean don’t get me wrong, sometimes a girl just wants to let loose. I’m talking taking a store and truing it into dollar bill spitting machine. Cha-chings all my home slices.

But, you probably thinking “hold up sexy, how you do it?” Simple, it’s an in and out job.

  1. Buy a domain, anything general and memorable like
  2. Set-up the store with what Aidan and Steve give you. easy-peasy lemon squeezy, fo show.
  3. Laser target profitable products, we’re talking the stuff that sell vs doesn’t sell.
  4. Add those that sell to you store and keep em there
  5. Send traffic using Aidan Booth’s and Steve Clayton’s Kibo Code method.

You done, that’s it, nada.

After that, dollars will be hitting your account faster than shopping car in your behind at the express checkout.

Maybe, not that fast but as Aidan walks you through the process you’ll understand what I mean. He’s bring sexy back into ecommerc, and mommy likes it.

eCom Like You Never eCom’ed Before

I’ll be honest, there were a few times I went hard into eCommerce. We’re talking Amazon FBA, decked out Shopify store, and even self hosted WooCommerce.

It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t pull back. No matter how bad it got I told myself, never exit before you’re done.

Well, sadly I finished too early and splatted all over my dreams.

At that time I promised myself, never again. In fact, I haven’t eCom’ed since but that’s about to change. I’m talking taking eCommerce to the next level.

None stop, 24/7 baby.

The idea is simple, do it fast and dirty.

Should You Get Kibo Code Bonus?

Of course you should, you’re beautiful and deserving of a bonus. Only, what should it be?

I mean do you want to eCommerce even harder? How about organic traffic hard? That’s what I’m offering, targeted and in your face organc traffic.

We’re talking people flooding your store, like foot traffic in a mall to buy stuff they don’t need from you. Results? You making a bank fast.

You cna go hard or go home with this baby as it:

  • Doesn’t Use Amazon
  • Doesn’t Use Facebook
  • Doesn’t force you to buy crap

How cool is that home slicer? You’re a bread slicer but for a home. Sick, right?

Anyway, I thin the Kibo Code is amazing balls.


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