Tube Traffic Secrets Review 3.0 – 2017 Edition by Jeff Johnson

Find out how free video can earn you $10k in as a little as week using YouTube knowledge found inside Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson.

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Best YouTube Traffic is Free Traffic?

Tube Traffic Secrets ReviewThere is no denying that YouTube simply works. Did you know that there are 3.25 billion hours of video watched each month? With each session lasting more than 40 minutes. That’s a lot of potential views, leads and customers. However, those stats are only relevant if you’re using organic (AKA free) YouTube views.

So what are the benefits of organic YouTube views?

  • It’s FREE, of course. That means you will not have to pay for each view.
  • Simple and free to scale. Unlike sponsored views where to get more views you need to pay more.
  • You can start getting views in less than an hour from uploading.
  • Organic videos are desirable. Unlike ads, people actually search for your videos.
  • No need to worry about ad-blocker. Which usage grew by 30% just last year.

Does that make sense? Just think about your own experience on YouTube. Do you even care about the ads you see? Or you’re like most people bad just want to skip it so you can watch what you actually clicked on.

imagesSo what’s the catch?

As amazing as free YouTube traffic sounds, there one obstacle why most will never reap its benefits. It’s the ability to get your videos in front of people. Which a problem  if you dont know what you’re doing as there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minutes.

With video ads you could simply “buy” those views, even if they are crappy ones and can do you more harm then good. But is that the best solution?

No way! Meet My Secret Weapon: Tube Traffic Secrets

tube traffic secretsI’ve been promoting landing pages, sales pages, my websites, and even blog posts with YouTube for couple years now.It’s just a great way to get a surge of free traffic on demand to anything you want.

Best part? I’ve been able to do most of it using just Jeff Johnson’s Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0, which came out 4 and half years ago. You see, despite being over 4 years old, which is a lifetime in the online world, it still works pretty damn good.

That’s why I was excited when I heard Jeff Johnson is releasing the TTS 2017 edition. The new and updated version with the latest changes and alternation YouTube and Google made to its algorithm.

Despite what you heard, now it is even easier to rank then before. The internet is getting bigger and rate the information is transferred has increased tenfold. Simply. Google and YouTube needs more and more relevant content.

How To Be Profit Like A Boss With Your Video

Rankin, a video on top of YouTube and/or Google and profiting from it is straightforward once you know what to do. It consist of:

  1. Fresh Domain LeadsKeyword research –  now all keywords will be profitable with YouTube. For example ranking for something like “how to speed up your metabolism and lose weight” and simple “lose weight” are not the same.
  2. Selecting a promo – this can be either a landing page or anything you want.
  3. Creating the video – these days you can create YouTube videos from other YouTube videos, filming one yourself or have one created for you for $5 or so
  4. Ranking the video – once you have the 3 steps done just use Jeff Johnson secret sauce and you can rank in as little as an hour.

Of course, Jeff actually shows you how to do each step in great details and over the shoulder style videos. However, this is just a quick overview.

My $10,000 Video Case Study Tube Traffic Secrets Bonus

Tube Traffic Secrets bonusOne of my breakthrough happened a few years ago when I was able to generated over 10K in sales from a simple video I paid $5 for.

That means I didn’t have to record myself, my voice or or even edit the video.

I just paid a guy a $5, gave him a 60 second long script and ranked the video using Tube Traffic Secrets style methods. t was like teaser about the product I was promoting. Long story short, I never stopped using YouTube videos after that.

If you want to know the full details of these case-study, including the script, product and where I got the video made for $5 grab TFS and I’ll send you all the details as a Tube Traffic Secrets bonus. We can even chatr on skype on how touse it for your promotion.

So what are you waiting for? Get TTS 3.0 now.

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