Text Deliver Review

Does Text Deliver really help you build a text messaging list with open rates up to 90%?  That’s possible with TextDeliver.

TextDeliver: Next Generation Email List?

We all know that email open and click rate has been going steadily down for years now. People are just not that engaged when they get hundreds of spam emails per day.

However, text messages on the other hand are totally different.  Unlike emails, people get excited when they receive a text message. That is why the open rates at up to 90% in just minutes. Just think about your own phone?

When you check text messages or sms as soon as you can? And click on all of them or at least majority? How about email? I used to delete emails by hundreds, and not I don’t even bother.  Some of my accounts have 10, 20 or 30 thousands unopened emails.

That is when Text Deliver comes in. The unique and universal software that delivers your messages like an email responder would. Best aprt it integrates with Twilio,CallRail,CallFire,Plivo,Weemo,Tatango, Trupa,  andWiggio as well as email autoreponders.

TextDeliver has the unmatched power of real time messaging. Just imagine hat this can do for your business, subscribers and customers.  It is a revolutionary piece of software that is guaranteed to take over the industry in months if not weeks.

Inside Text Deliver

text deliver

Here are just some of the thing you can do with TextDeliver.

  • Upload a existing list of phone numbers/contacts and start marketing right away.
  • Or capture fresh leads by creating customizes publishing pages that were designed to capture phone numbers as well as emails.
  • Broadcast straight away or scheduled your text messages send out automatically.
  • Powerful analytics so you can see all the data and test part of it at will.
  • Capture phone numbers by having them text you.

As you can see Text Deliver is very powerful and now it can be yours.  Get it below.



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