FB Academy Review – Anik’s $20K a Day Secret + Bonus

What does Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, and FB Academy have in common? The first two became bestselling authors and mentors by turning their passion into a business. The third one shows you how to do the same with your passion and turn it into a million-dollar business.

Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $697
Official Site lurnfb.com/go

Ticket To Freedom: Review of FB Academy

FB-AcademyImagine being able to turn your passion into a $100k online business and then all the way to a 1 million-dollars and beyond.  What if I told you that the first $100,000 was possible in 6 months? If that sounds crazy then you need to watch the free training and see how everyday people are doing just that and more, part-time.

Not sure what your passion is? Don’t worry Anik has your back on that one as well. Just watch the workshop with a desire to earn, and you will see the power of online profiting for yourself.

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An opportunity that always seems out of reach

anik singal opportunityWhat if I told you that there is a blueprint, almost “fill-in-the-blanks” system, that can take you from 0 to $100k in a matter of months. Wouldn’t you jump on an opportunity like that in a second?

Before you answer that, let’s get something clear. It is NOT one of those push-button solutions or get rich quick scams. Products like that are not real, never were.  However, there are real ways to start your own online business and take it to the top.

Now that you know what you want, let me ask you one more question: why do you want to succeed?

A simple question that you are probably already thinking of the answer, money. If that’s it, dig a little deeper. Why do you want more money? Is it for a new house, car or a boat you been dreaming about? Maybe it’s to pay off the mortgage, bills, or an outstanding debt?

Make sure it is something real and powerful as it will be the driving force of your success. My biggest motivator for success has always been the financial stability for my family and loved ones, now and in the future. Which is something I never had growing up.

The Structure of FB Academy

fb academy reviewLuckily, FB Academy is not structured like most other systems online. By that I mean it is not just another course that throws a bunch of videos and PDF files at you and calls it a day.  You know, the ones that promise a simple strategy or a plan but end up being something out a rocket science book. I can’t even count how many times I failed on those, supposedly, easy instructions.

Anik Singal, on the other hand, knows that most people learn a bit differently than others.  After all, he did teach over 100k students to earn online, including me. So the guy has a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why inside you not only get training videos, supportive documents, tools, and resources, but also the live Q&A sessions, Facebook group, active forum and support. As well as the psychology and motivation behind it all.

The course has 9 main modules plus the extras I talked about above.

  • Module 1: Getting Started With Facebook Ads– the ins and outs of FB and why Anik is spending over $20k, while still turning a profit, on it.
  • Module 2: The Funnel– a sale’s funnel is one of the factors that can make or break a business. Learn which ones work with Facebook and how to do them correctly.
  • Module 3: Landing Page– learn how a right FB landing page, that complies with the rules, can double, or triple your conversations. That can mean a difference between $10k and $30k per month.
  • Modula 4: The Ad– this one is all about crafting a perfect ad that both fits your promotion and brings in potential leads as well as customers to it.
  • Module 5: Targeting– FB ads are known for its targeting abilities, but Anik Singal takes it to the next level. Using all the resources like interest-based targeting, retargeting, custom audience, look-alike audience, and other fewer known strategies.
  • Module 6: Optimization– the list of benefits for this module is endless, but the essential point is that you will learn how to take your campaigns to the next level. The $20k a day level if you choose to.
  • Module 7: Advanced Strategies–  once you start having success with FB Academy this will teach you about different strategies for specific types of marketing that you can explore. Powerful ways to scale up.
  • Module 8: Certification– the final exam and LURN Certification. Congrats, you made it.
  • Module 9: Nuts and Bolts– a quick reminder of how to do basic things on Facebook. An easy way to remind yourself when you forget.

fb academy bonusWhat about an FB Academy Bonus?

While going through the training and writing this review, I kept thinking about what else can be added to this course. Which wasn’t easy as Anik has thought about pretty much everything you need to get started earning online quickly.

After all, you get a tested traffic source that Anik spends 6-figures on per week. Funnels, landing pages and ads for every type of product you want to promote. As well as the targeted audience to promote it to.

Which is great if you have your own business, service, product or at least know about one that you can promote. However, for those that don’t, it might be difficult. Anik covers this topic, but I still think this is the weakest link of otherwise stellar course.

That’s why I decided to offer my insight into how to find and choose the best product in any niche as a bonus.

My FB Academy bonus includes:

  • 3 simple tricks to find the hottest products to promote in any niche
  • 5 top selling products in any niche chosen by me for you

Are you ready Anik Singal FB Academy?

anik singal reviewsAnik, as well as his students, has grown multiple 8-figure businesses using the same strategies you are about to receive. He did all the hard work by testing and perfecting the system already. Now it is your chance to be part of the new wave of successful online entrepreneurs.

All you must do is get your “whys” in order, picture the future you want to be a part of, and grab this opportunity before it closes on September 28th, 2017.  Click below to get started with FB Academy now.

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Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club Review – Coffee or Success?

Would YOU like to join Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club for the price of a coffee a day for a year? That means having one of the top online entrepreneurs helping you build your online business for about $2.73 per day. Check out my review and a special discount that ending soon.

Creator: Jeff Johnson
Official Site: jeffjohnsonscoachingclub.com
Price: $999 or 3 payments of $399

Why Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club?

jeff-johnsons-coaching-clubIn recent years there have been a flood of informational products and internet systems all promising online riches. However,  they tend to vague when it comes on just how you going to get rich. Most of them will mention stuff like, automation, hands-free, or one-click solution, but refrain for tell you exactly what you need to do.

This is why Coaching Club by Jeff Johnson is such a refreshing breath of fresh air in the online space. Jeff Johnson, a well known internet marketer that has been online since 2003, lays everything flat on the ground. What you see, is what you get.

This is why first I’ll like to do an overview of all you get with Jeff Johnson Coaching Club. This includes the Done-For-You 8 Traffic-Getting Blogs, which are worth more than the price tag but about that later.

jeff johnson coaching clubCoaching Club Overview

Jeff Johnson divided the course into 6 main modules. Each module deal with a different aspect of a business or strategy.

This makes it both easy to understand and follow along.  Plus you can use each strategy separately.

  1.  Supercharging Your Lead-Magnets – I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t sure about this module. However, now I think it is a great way to start because if you’re new to online business it will help you build the right foundation to start your business. On the other hand if you’re already have way to generate leads this will increase your conversion up to 478%.
  2. Building A Bigger List, Faster –  building a list is one of the most important parts of an online business. But I, like many marketers, often skip this one as we want sales and leads, right?  Well, leads lead into sale and with Jeff’s 13 Rules For  Designing The Perfect Opt-in Page as well as his fill in the blanks templates, its not that bad. In fact, Jeff takes it a step further and shows you how to fully-automate the process to build your list 24/7.
  3. Turing Your List Into Money – Here you learn Jeff’s “Phase 4” method for writing emails.  This includes the 72 hour countdown to cash flow that will get you a cash flow straight away. It also includes pre-written email templates.
  4. Traffic-Getting Quick Start – Method of getting traffic that includes Facebook, Google and YouTube. I especially like Google methods as it has been the number 1 source of traffic for me.
  5. Instant Affiliate Traffic – I really liked this method as with affiliate traffic you get highly targeted traffic at no upfront cost. I still didn’t use this as much as I would like, but I can see how it would really be a 6 or 7 figure business.
  6. Grabbing Free List-Building Traffic From YouTube – I personally have ignored video marketing for a long time. However, seeing how you can shoot a quick video or pay someone $5 to do it for you there is no more excuses. In fact, I saw a huge growth in leads and sales once I started using videos.

Jeff Johnson’s Bonuses and Extras


coaching club jeff johnson

On top of the modules you also get

  • Direct Access to Jeff Johnson
  • Ongoing live Q&A sessions, Webinars and introduction to new training.
  • Case-Studies of Jeff and his students
  • Private Forum entry

Now what about those 8 traffic blogs that I mentioned before? Well, that is only for the people that buy the Platinum Group which costs above $5,000. However, Jeff has agreed to sell it for $999 for one more day.

So you’re getting the entire course and 8 websites, that includes hosting, custom designs, content from 100% US based college educated writers and  backlinks from SEO specialists. This alone would run you $5,000 to $10,000 per site.

On top of that Platinum Group gets you

  • 4 additional weeks of gaily personal copaching
  • Private One-On-One phone call with Jeff Johnson
  • More list building strategies for specific niches.

Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club Bonus

member hub bonus

I’ll be honest, I had a hard time coming up with a bonus that will complement Jeff’s Club. Why? Jeff has really planned out the whole thing quite well so there is not much left out.

With that said there is one thing that I can offer for you as a bonus. What would you say if I told you there is a range of products you can promote that have a high demand but no one else is promoting them?

So with my bonus you will get a list of products I personally promoted or will promote once released because I know they will make me the most money. I never done this before and probably will never do it again. So get on it now.

Are You Ready To Be Successful Online?

If you think that you’re ready, and want to take action because you are sick of just waiting for something to happen than you need to get on this quick.  Jeff is closing the doors today and this is your last chance to get started.

The one think you should know is that opportunities like this don’t come along often. So get Jeff Johnson Coaching Club before it closes by clicking below.

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Bloggers Playbook Review – Start A Profitable Blog Today

Lengthy tale short, I make a decision to adhere to Steve Aitchison instructions and also made my blog site like I find out in the Blogger’s Playbook. One of my all time preferred points to do with a blog site is to construct an e-mail ist for complimentary.

Maker: Steve Aitchison
Authorities Website: bloggersplaybook.com/yes
Download and install the Free Blogger’s Playbook Book Currently

Think me I understand, it took me 5 or 6 blog sites until I began seeing any kind of benefit from my blog site. Also compared to it was simply cents from various other or ad-sense advertising and marketing systems.

bloggers playbook

Exactly what are you waiting for? begin a blog site and also obtain the Blogger’s Playbook currently.

Lengthy tale short, I choose to adhere to Steve Aitchison instructions as well as made my blog site like I discover in the Blogger’s Playbook. Afterwards the blog site simply took control of. I’m taking huge revenues with much less time of me functioning.

While beginning a blog site is straightforward, Blogger’s Playbook by Steve Aitchison will certainly reveal you how you can begin a 6 number annually one.

Among my perpetuity favored points to do with a blog site is to construct an e-mail ist absolutely free. All you ahve to do is place it on your site and also see individuals simply join to be your client free of cost. Say goodbye to spending countless bucks on listing structure

Like I stated prior to beginning a blog site is easy. Or you have to do is develop a totally free blog site on one of the systems or established up your very own in much less compared to a day. There a distinction in between that blog site as well as a 6 or also 7 number one.

You see, while I was toiling away on material, graphics and also video clip, Steve Aitchison was cashing look for hundreds of bucks doing it part-time. When I recognized I had sufficient, this is.

Discover the leading 10 keys to a much more effective blog site without investing many hours on creating it. This is really a most have book for any individual that has a blog site or think about beginning one.
How you can Beginning A Blog site As well as Earn From It

Like I claimed until beginning a blog site is straightforward. Or you need to do is produce a complimentary blog site on among the systems or assemblied your personal in much less compared to a day. There a distinction in between that blog site and also a 6 or also 7 number one.

You see, it is everything about the little points information. A little adjustment there, a modification and also your earnings might increase or perhaps three-way.
Structure An Email Checklist With Blog sites

After months of test as well as mistake I ultimately obtained a hang of it and also began some cash. I had not been also scraping the surface area when I lastly obtained Bloggers Playbook.